• Comparative study of dopaminergic activity of tetrahydro-1H-[3]-benzazepines and their precursors 

      Valpuesta-Fernandez, Maria; Lucena-Serrano, Cristina; Rivera-Ramirez, Alicia; Contreras-Cáceres, Rafael; López-Romero, Juan Manuel; [et al.] (2016-10-14)
      The discovery of the tetrahydro-1H-[3]-benzazepine SCH23390 [1], represented one of the most important advances in the study of dopaminergic receptors due to their behavior as a selective D1 receptor antagonist. The high ...
    • Diastereoselective synthesis of chiral amines by imines alkylation 

      Díaz, Amelia; Muñoz, Carmen; Sánchez, María; Valpuesta-Fernandez, Maria (2013-10-03)
      En esta comunicación se aborda la síntesis de aminas quirales utilizando como agente alquilante trietilborano.
    • Study and characterization of modified silicon surfaces with organic molecules 

      Valpuesta-Fernandez, Maria; Sánchez-Molina, María; Lucena-Serrano, Ana; Contreras-Cáceres, Rafael; López-Romero, Juan Manuel; [et al.] (2016-10-14)
      Nanostructured thin films and subsequent biofunctionalization of silicon substrates are essential for the development of biosensors devices. The formation of organic monolayers on silicon substrates via Si-C bound allows ...
    • Synthesis and study of biological activity of tetrahydro-1H-[3]-benzazepines 

      Lucena-Serrano, Ana; Lucena-Serrano, Cristina; López-Romero, Juan Manuel; Díaz, Amelia; Valpuesta-Fernandez, Maria (2017-07-20)
      The 3-Benzazepines are an important class of compounds in drug discovery due to their biological activity such as analgesic, antihypertensive or anticancer properties as well as dopaminergic or antidopaminergic activity. ...
    • Synthesis of bioactive compounds. Studies of their attachment to nanoparticles 

      Lucena-Serrano, Cristina; Lucena-Serrano, Ana; López-Romero, Juan Manuel; Díaz, Amelia; Valpuesta-Fernandez, Maria (2017-07-20)
      The 1-aryl tetrahydroisoquinolines have attracted great attention in medicinal chemistry due to their biological activity. These compounds present antitumor, anti-HIV and antibacterial activities. Several analogues of ...
    • Tripod-shaped penta (p-phenylene)s for the functionalization of silicon surfaces 

      Sánchez-Molina, María Sánchez-Molina,; Contreras-Cáceres, Rafael; Díaz, Amelia; Valpuesta-Fernandez, Maria; López-Romero, Juan Manuel (2016-03-31)
      In order to obtain nanostructured thin films to be used in biosensor devices, several chemical functionalization methods have been developed, such as Click chemistry or Suzuki carbon-carbon coupling reactions on surfaces.1 ...