• LEGO© Mindstorms NXT and Q-Learning: a teaching approach for robotics in engineering 

      Martínez-Tenor, Ángel; Fernández-Madrigal, Juan Antonio; Cruz-Martin, Ana Maria (2014-11-19)
      Robotics has become a common subject in many engineering degrees and postgraduate programs. Although at undergraduate levels the students are introduced to basic theoretical concepts and tools, at postgraduate courses more ...
    • Multi-objective Reinforcement Learning 

      Ruiz-Montiel, Manuela (2013-09-25)
      In this talk we present PQ-learning, a new Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithm that determines the rational behaviours of an agent in multi-objective domains
    • PQ-learning: aprendizaje por refuerzo multiobjetivo 

      Ruiz-Montiel, Manuela; Mandow-Andaluz, Lorenzo; Pérez-de-la-Cruz, José Luis (2013-09)
      En este artí culo describimos y analizamos PQ-learning, un algoritmo para problemas de aprendizaje por refuerzo multiobjetivo. El algoritmo es una extensi ón de Q-learning, un algoritmo para problemas de aprendizaje ...