Envíos recientes

  • Centrales Hidráulicas 

    Abella Monserrat, Ramón (2018-10-26)
    Se analiza la producción de energía eléctrica de origen hidráulico en diversas centrales hidroeléctricas de Andalucía. Para ello, se estudia la problemática que se presenta en la práctica en el funcionamiento y explotación ...
  • Adverse-Pressure-Gradient effects on Turbulent Boundary Layers 

    Discetti, Stefano (2018-10-26)
    Wall-bounded turbulence is present in many relevant fluid-flow problems such as the flow around wings, land and sea vehicles, or in turbines, compressors, etc. Simplified scenarios, such as the zero-pressure-gradient (ZPG) ...
  • The physics of Beer Tapping 

    Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Javier (2015-11-16)
    The popular bar prank known in colloquial English as beer tapping consists in hitting the top of a beer bottle with a solid object, usually another bottle, to trigger the foaming over of the former within a few seconds. ...