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  • Interconnecting IoT devices to improve the QoL of elderly people 

    Flores-Martin, Daniel; Pérez-Vereda, Alejandro; Berrocal, Javier; Canal-Velasco, Jose Carlos; Murillo, Juan M. (2020-06-15)
    The rate at which the Internet is growing is unstoppable due to the large number of connected smart devices. Manufacturers often develop specific protocols for their own devices that do not usually follow any standards. ...
  • Specifying Quantities in Software Models 

    Burgueño, Loli; Mayerhofer, Tanja; Wimmer, Manuel; Vallecillo-Moreno, Antonio Jesus (2020-06-08)
    Context: An essential requirement for the design and development of any engineering application that deals with real-world physical systems is the formal representation and processing of physical quantities, comprising ...
  • Incorporating Measurement Uncertainty into OCL/UML Primitive Datatypes 

    Fernández-Bertoa, Manuel; Burgueño, Loli; Moreno, Nathalie; Vallecillo-Moreno, Antonio Jesus (2020-06-01)
    The correct representation of the relevant properties of a system is an essential requirement for the effective use and wide adoption of model-based practices in industry. Uncertainty is one of the inherent properties of ...