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  • Digital Avatars for Older People’s Care 

    Fernández-Bertoa, Manuel; Moreno, Nathalie; Perez-Vereda, Alejandro; Bandera, David; Álvarez-Palomo, José M.; [et al.] (2020-06-17)
    The continuous increase in life expectancy poses a challenge for health systems in modern societies, especially with respect to older people living in rural low-populated areas, both in terms of isolation and difficulty ...
  • Belief Uncertainty in Software Models 

    Burgueño, Loli; Clarisó, Robert; Cabot, Jordi; Gerard, Sebastien; Vallecillo-Moreno, Antonio Jesus (2020-06-08)
    This paper discusses the representation of Belief Uncertainty in software models. This kind of uncertainty refers to the situation in which the modeler, or any other belief agent, is uncertain about the behavior of the ...