• A course on Leavitt path algebras 

      Siles-Molina, Mercedes (2015-10-05)
      En este libro se tratan las nociones básicas relacionadas con dichas álgebras. Se ven ejemplos, se clasifican las de dimensión finita, se caracterizan las simples y las puramente infinitas simples, obteniéndose el principio ...
    • An approach to absolute valued algebras by reflections 

      Alsaody, Seidon (2013-12-11)
      This talk deals with the problem of the classification of the finite-dimensional absolute-valued algebras, with an special emphasis in the case of the dimension eight.
    • Determinación algorítmica de estructuras Hopf Galois 

      Salguero García, Marta (2018-10-15)
      La teoría Hopf-Galois es una generalización de la teoría de Galois. La clave es sustituir los grupos de Galois por álgebras de Hopf y la acción de Galois por una cierta “acción de Hopf” que actúa por endomorfismos. Este ...
    • Incidence algebras. Overview 

      Muge, Kanuni (2015-05-13)
      In his celebrated paper of 1964, "On the foundations of combinatorial theory I: Theory of Möbius Functions" Gian-Carlo Rota defined an incidence algebra as a tool for solving combinatorial problems. Incidence algebra is a ...
    • KV. Cohomology and some applications 

      Ferdinand, Ngakeu (2020-02-24)
      Two versions of the KV-cohomology are presented and some algebraic and geometrical applications are given. We will see some applications to stochastic manifold. As a consequence, we can apply these ideas in Lorentzian ...
    • Leavitt path algebras and the IBN property 

      Kanuni Er, Muge (2016-12-21)
      A ring has invariant basis number property (IBN) if any two bases of a finitely generated free module have the same number of elements. In 1960's Leavitt constructed examples of rings R without IBN, more precisely for any ...
    • Leavitt Path algebras via partial skew ring theory 

      Gonçalves, Daniel (2018-04-17)
      We will introduce the theory or partial actions of groups and their associated algebras. As an example we will realize the Leavitt path algebra associated with a graph as a partial skew group ring. To finish, we will ...
    • Sigma-maps on triangular algebras 

      Sanchez-Ortega, Juana; Repka, Joe; Martin-Gonzalez, Candido (2018-01-30)
      Triangular algebras were introduced by Chase in the early 1960s. He ended up with these structures in the course of his study of the asymmetric behavior of semi-hereditary rings. Since their introduction, triangular ...
    • Teoría de Hopf Galois: Introducción y enfoque aritmético 

      Gil Muñoz, Daniel (2018-10-05)
      La teoría de Hopf Galois es una generalización de la teoría de Galois usando álgebras de Hopf, y surge en 1969 de la mano de S. U. Chase y M. E. Sweedler, con la idea de reemplazar el grupo de Galois de una extensión de ...