• Automatic design of high-performance fiber-chip surface grating couplers based on Floquet-Bloch mode analysis 

      Sánchez Postigo, Alejandro; Xu, Dan-Xia; Hadij-Elhouati, Abdelfettah; Molina-Fernandez, Iñigo; Ortega-Moñux, Alejandro; [et al.] (2018-04-30)
      We propose a new strategy to automatically design highly efficient fiber-chip surface grating couplers. High performance designs are achieved with a substantially reduced computational cost by combining Floquet-Bloch mode ...
    • Design of subwavelength grating metamaterial waveguides for communications and sensing applications 

      Ortega-Moñux, Alejandro; Luque-González, José Manuel; Pereira Martín, Daniel; Sánchez Postigo, Alejandro; Hadij ElHouati, Abdel; [et al.] (2019-07-04)
      In this work we will cover some of our recent advances in the design of state-of-the-art silicon photonic devices based on all-dielectric subwavelength grating (SWG) metamaterials. Specifically, we will focus on the design ...
    • Diseño de grating couplers de orden cero de banda ancha y alta eficiencia para el infrarrojo medio 

      Sánchez-Postigo, Alejandro; Wanguemert-Perez, Juan Gonzalo; Luque-Gonzaléz, José Manuel; Molina-Fernández, Íñigo; Cheben, Pavel; [et al.] (2017-09-27)
      The mode fields of optical fibers and high-index contrast photonic waveguides have different dimensions, making difficult the coupling of light from one to the other. To solve this problem, surface grating couplers are one ...
    • Engineering sub-wavelength silicon waveguides for sensing applications in the near-infrared and mid-infrared band 

      Wanguemert-Perez, Juan Gonzalo; Sánchez-Postigo, Alejandro; Hadij-ElHouati, Abdelfettah; Leuermann, Jonas; Pérez-Armenta, Carlos; [et al.] (2019-02-08)
      Silicon photonics is one of the most promising candidates to achieve lab-on-a-chip systems. Making use of the evanescent-field sensing principle, it is possible to determine the presence and concentration of substances by ...
    • High performance silicon photonic devices based on practical metamaterials 

      Halir, Robert; Luque-González, Jose Manuel; Sánchez-Postigo, Alejandro; Herrero-Bermello, Alaine; González-Andrade, David; [et al.] (2019-07-15)
      Subwavelength grating metamaterials are enabling a new generation of high-performance silicon photonic devices. Here we discuss the fundamental physics along with some of the latest advances in this rapidly expanding field.
    • Low limit of detection silicon photonic sensor with extremely-low-cost laser source 

      Leuermann, Jonas; Fernández-Gavela, Adrián; Lechuga, Laura M.; Sánchez-Postigo, Alejandro; Halir, Robert; [et al.] (2020-10-06)
      Integrated photonic biosensors have demonstrated low bulk detection limits down to 1e−7 refractive index units. Nevertheless, most rely on expensive optical sources, such as DFB lasers. Here, we experimentally demonstrate ...
    • Mid-infrared Suspended Waveguide Platform and Building Blocks 

      Wanguemert-Perez, Juan Gonzalo; Sánchez-Postigo, Alejandro; Soler-Penades, Jordi; Ortega-Moñux, Alejandro; Nedeljkovic, Milos; [et al.] (2018-06-05)
      In this work we present our recent progress in the development of a platform for the mid-infrared wavelength range, based on suspended silicon waveguide with subwavelength metamaterial cladding. The platform has some ...
    • Silicon high performance devices using subwavelength structures 

      Halir, Robert; Sánchez-Postigo, Alejandro; Luque-González, José; Herrero-Bermello, Alaine; Leuermann, Jonas; [et al.] (2019-03-13)
      Silicon photonics is poised to solve challenges in areas such as datacom, environmental monitoring and diagnostics, by leveraging the economies of scale afforded by CMOS manufacturing. This requires a wide variety of ...
    • Subwavelength metamaterial engineering for silicon photonics 

      Halir, Robert; Ortega-Moñux, Alejandro; Soler-Penades, Jordi; Luque-González, Jose Manuel; Sarmiento-Merenguel, Darío; [et al.] (2017-02-06)
      Waveguides structured at the subwavelength scale frustrate di raction and behave as optical metamaterials with controllable refractive index. These structures have found widespread applications in silicon photonics, ranging ...