• Designing anisotropy with waveguide subwavelength structures 

      Herrero-Bermello, Alaine; Velasco, Aitor; Schmid, Jens; Cheben, Pavel; Halir, Robert; [et al.] (2018-07-12)
      Silicon sub-wavelength structures have become a versatile design tool for practical, high-performance integrated optical devices, ranging from highly efficient grating couplers to ultra-broadband beam-splitters. Recently, ...
    • Designing polarization management devices by tilting subwavelength grating structures 

      Luque-González, José Manuel; Herrero-Bermello, Alaine; Ortega-Moñux, Alejandro; Molina-Fernández, Íñigo; Velasco, Aitor V.; [et al.] (2019-05-03)
      Subwavelength gratings (SWG) are periodic structures which behave as controllable homogeneous metamaterials. SWGs are extremely interesting when they are used in platforms with a limited choice of material refractive indices, ...
    • High performance silicon photonic devices based on practical metamaterials 

      Halir, Robert; Luque-González, Jose Manuel; Sánchez-Postigo, Alejandro; Herrero-Bermello, Alaine; González-Andrade, David; [et al.] (2019-07-15)
      Subwavelength grating metamaterials are enabling a new generation of high-performance silicon photonic devices. Here we discuss the fundamental physics along with some of the latest advances in this rapidly expanding field.
    • Silicon high performance devices using subwavelength structures 

      Halir, Robert; Sánchez-Postigo, Alejandro; Luque-González, José; Herrero-Bermello, Alaine; Leuermann, Jonas; [et al.] (2019-03-13)
      Silicon photonics is poised to solve challenges in areas such as datacom, environmental monitoring and diagnostics, by leveraging the economies of scale afforded by CMOS manufacturing. This requires a wide variety of ...
    • Tilted subwavelength gratings: controlling anisotropy in metamaterial nanophotonic waveguides 

      Luque González, J. Manuel; Herrero-Bermello, Alaine; Ortega-Moñux, Alejandro; Molina Fernández, Íñigo; Halir, Robert; [et al.] (2018-10-24)
      Subwavelength grating (SWG) structures are an essential tool in silicon photonics, enabling the synthesis of metamaterials with a controllable refractive index. Here we propose, for the first time to the best of our ...