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  • SPDES: A Stepwise Solver for Teaching Partial Differential Equations 

    Galán-García, José Luis; Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel; Rodriguez-Cielos, Pedro; Galán-García, María Ángeles; Padilla-Domínguez, Yolanda; [et al.] (2020-07-24)
    Partial Differential Equations (PDE) are an important topic within the Engineering Degrees syllabus. In addition, many students find some dificulties in the learning process of this topic. Therefore, the use of didactical ...
  • An Approach to Overtaking Station Layout Diagram Design Using Graphs 

    Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio; Galán-García, José Luis; Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel (2020-07-24)
    The authors have approached in the past different railway engineering problems (e.g. [1,2]) and have developed software for the Spanish Railway Foundation [3], mainly using computer algebra systems (CAS). Now a CAS is used ...
  • A New Web-stepwise Solver for Ordinary Differential Equations 

    Galán-García, José Luis; Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel; Le Goff, Morgan; Rodriguez-Cielos, Pedro; Galán-García, María Ángeles; [et al.] (2020-07-24)
    In this paper we introduce SODES (Step-wise Ordinary Differential Equations Solver) which is a new solver for Ordinary Dfferential Equations (ODE). SODES can be used not only as a solver but also as a tutorial for the ...
  • A Discrete-time Queueing System With Imperfect Information for the Server 

    Atencia-McKillop, Ivan; Galán-García, José Luis; Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel; Rodriguez-Cielos, Pedro; Padilla-Domínguez, Yolanda; [et al.] (2020-07-24)
    We consider a discrete-time Geo=G=1=1 system in which a customer that finishes its fi rst essential service may opt to abandon the system, to receive a second optional service or to place at the head of the queue in order ...
  • Sojourn Times and Steady-state Probabilities in a Retrial Queueing System 

    Atencia-McKillop, Ivan (2020-07-24)
    This paper analyses a discrete-time Geo/G/1 retrial queue with general retrial times in which the arriving customers may opt to follow a LCFS-PR discipline or to join the orbit where it is contemplated the movement of ...
  • Einstein connections on Lorentzian spheres 

    Draper-Fontanals, Cristina (2020-03-05)
    A comparison between Riemannian and Lorentzian spheres as regards the existence of Einstein connections with skew-torsion
  • Octonions and exceptional Lie algebras 

    Draper-Fontanals, Cristina (2020-03-05)
    It is well known that octonions (both real and complex) are very involved in the structure of the exceptional Lie algebras. We will explore several aspects of this relationship: how octonions provide models of the exceptional ...
  • Asymptotic merging of nodes set for stochastic networks with nonhomogeneous input 

    Livinska, Hanna (2020-03-05)
    When one investigate mathematical models of information-computing networks, data networks, and mobile communications, one of the main problems is connected with the large dimension of descriptive processes and complexity ...
  • Steady-state analysis of M/M/c/c+m – type retrial queueing systems with constant retrial rate 

    Lebedev, Eugene (2020-03-05)
    The presentation deals with a research of bivariate Markov process {X(t), t>0} whose state space is a lattice semistrip S(X)={0,1,..., c+m}. The process X(t) describes the service policy of a multi-server retrial queue ...
  • Option pricing and stochastic optimization 

    Shchestyuk, Nataliya (2020-03-04)
    In this paper will be demonstrated that the link between optimal option value, risk measuring and risk managing is especially close, and it is given by stochastic optimization. Post the financial crisis of 2008 it has ...
  • Feature-driven improvement of renewable energy forecasting and trading 

    Muñoz, Miguel Ángel; Morales, Juan Miguel; Pineda, Salvador (2020-02-26)
    Inspired from recent insights into the common ground of machine learning, optimization and decision-making, this paper proposes an easy-to-implement, but effective procedure to enhance both the quality of renewable energy ...
  • CLIL Implementation applied to Mathematics for Engineering 

    Rodriguez-Sanchez, Francisco Joaquin; Yélamos Guerra, María Salomé; Ruiz Rey, Francisco J. (2019-12-20)
    CLIL methodology aims to facilitate the learning of contents in a second language. Authors have tested an experience of implementation in English of these methods in subjects of Mathematics for Engineering at the University ...
  • Liderazgo stematesella (Cuarta sesión) 

    Antón, Marta (2019-11-25)
    Cuarta sesión del programa SteMatesella. El objetivo fundamental de dicho programa es dotar a las participantes de las competencias necesarias para una trayectoria brillante: un programa de mentoría, uno de competencias ...
  • Basic Ideals in evolution algebras 

    Cabrera Casado, Yolanda (2019-11-20)
    Recently a new type of genetic algebras, denominated evolution algebras, has emerged to enlighten the study of non-Mendelian genetics, which is the basic language of the molecular Biology. With the aim of finding invariants ...
  • A retrial discrete-time queueing system with actions in the server 

    Atencia-McKillop, Ivan (2019-10-31)
    This paper considers a discrete-time retrial queueing system with movements. The arriving customers can opt to go directly to the server obtaining immediately their service or to join the orbit. In the first case, if the ...
  • New functions for random samples generation using Stata 15 

    Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel; Galán-García, José Luis; Galán-García, María Ángeles; Padilla-Domínguez, Yolanda; Rodriguez-Cielos, Pedro (2019-10-30)
    In the 2017 Spanish Stata Users Group meeting, held in Madrid on October 19th, we introduced some functions for generating random samples from continuous and discrete distributions using STATA 13. In this talk, we will ...
  • Modelado y descripción de series de tiempo utilizando técnicas basadas en la lógica difusa 

    Moreno García, Juan (2019-10-28)
    La generación de descripciones lingüísticas a partir de datos en bruto es una línea de investigación importante actualmente. Este tipo de descripciones se utilizan, por ejemplo, en asistentes virtuales como Alexa, Google ...
  • A new family of Einstein manifolds based on nonassociative structures 

    Draper-Fontanals, Cristina (2019-10-28)
    For each central simple symplectic triple system over the real numbers, the standard enveloping Lie algebra and the algebra of inner derivations of the triple provide a reductive pair related to a semi-Riemannian homogeneous ...
  • Liderazgo steMatEsElla (Tercera sesión) 

    Antón, Marta (2019-09-16)
    En 2019 se inicia la segunda edición del programa MatEsElla. El programa constará de cuatro fases con las que se tratará de dotar a las participantes de las competencias necesarias para una trayectoria brillante: un programa ...
  • Using a CAS-developed random samples generator for teaching and research in probabilistic cellular automata and Statistics 

    Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel; Galán-García, José Luis; Galán-García, María Ángeles; Rodriguez-Cielos, Pedro; Padilla-Domínguez, Yolanda; [et al.] (2019-07-25)
    Our group introduced random samples generation using a CAS, specifically Derive, in the Derive session of ACA 2009. This talk was extended in a paper published in The Derive Newsletter. In the year 2017 we presented a ...