• About Helices and Solvents: VCD and more 

      Nieto-Ortega, Belén; Casado-Cordon, Juan; Ramírez, Francisco Javier (2017-03-10)
      Intermolecular forces drive self-organization of molecules, which is ultimately the origin of most the physical and chemical phenomena in Nature. Molecules able to interact themselves by non-covalent forces, as hydrogen ...
    • Chiroptical Spectroscopy of C3 Molecules 

      Nieto-Ortega, Belén; Casado-Cordon, Juan; López-Navarrete, Juan Teodomiro; Ramírez, Francisco Javier (2016-04-22)
      The relevance of molecules with C3 symmetry comes from the fact of many of them, upon assembling as columnar helical macromolecules, are ideal platform for electro-optical devices, for example as liquid crystals. The ...
    • Influencia de la Atropoisomería en la Organización Helicoidal de Organogeles en oligo-p-fenilenos 

      Nieto-Ortega, Belen; Aparicio, Fátima; Najera, Francisco; Ramírez, Francisco Javier; López-Navarrete, Juan Teodomiro; [et al.] (Real Sociedad Española de Quimica, 2013-09-04)

      Medina, Samara; Quiñoá, Emilio; Riguera, Ricardo; Casado, Juan; Ramírez, Francisco Javier; [et al.] (2018-09-14)
      Several hierarchical levels of chirality have been detected in functionalized poly(phenylacetylene)s (PPA).1 In this work we have studied the chirality induction throughout these levels in PPA functionalized with phenylglycine ...