• Inequality changes over time, pro-poor growth and reranking: local focus and global assessment 

      Barcena-Martin, Elena Maria; Imedio-Olmedo, Luis J.; Parrado-Gallardo, Encarnacion Macarena (XXI Encuentro de Economía Pública, 2014)
      When measuring the change in inequality the conclusion based on an overall inequality measure can hide some important changes at different parts of the distribution. In this paper we propose the decomposition of the ...
    • Inequality, welfare and order statistics 

      Parrado-Gallardo, Encarnacion Macarena; Imedio-Olmedo, Luis J.; Barcena-Martin, Elena Maria (2013-07-30)
      In this paper we use the distributions of order statistics to define functions with the appropriate properties and represent social preferences regarding income distributions. Following the approach of Yaari (1987, 1988), ...
    • La Flipped Classroom o Clase Invertida 

      Luque-Domínguez, Eugenio J.; Parrado-Gallardo, Encarnacion Macarena (2019-05-28)
      Aplicación de la metodología MIX-Flipped e Classroom