• Caracterización térmica y evaluación de diversas estrategias de control de condensación de vigas frías activas 

      González Espín, José Luis; Coronas Salcedo, Alberto; Cejudo-Lopez, Jose Manuel; Dominguez-Muñoz, Fernando (Instituto de Ingeniería Energética. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, 2018-06)
      La aparición de condensación en la batería de intercambio de calor es uno de los principales problemas a evitar en una viga fría activa (VFA). En climas húmedos, por las infiltraciones de aire exterior, y en espacios de ...
    • Energyplus simulation model of a zoning regulation system intgegrated with an unitary ducted air-to-air heat pump 

      Fernández Hernández, Francisco; Peña Suárez, José Miguel; Carrillo-Andres, Antonio; Sojo-Gordillo, José Manuel; Guarino Molina, Samuel; [et al.] (Instituto de Ingeniería Energética. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, 2018-06)
      En los edificios se pueden distinguir una variedad de zonas con diferentes patrones de utilización y perfiles de cargas térmicas. Los sistemas de climatización zonificados permiten adaptarse a las diferentes demandas ...
    • Modelling and design of a hybrid solar+micro-cogeneration system for water heating 

      Cejudo-Lopez, Jose Manuel; Fernández Hernández, Francisco; Domínguez Muñoz, Fernando; Carrillo-Andres, Antonio (2013-10-25)
      Se analiza el interés de combinar la microcogeneración con la producción solar térmica para preparar ACS en un edificio de viviendas
    • On the effect of low blowing ratio continuous jets on wingtip vortex characteristics 

      Blanco-Rodríguez, Francisco José; Parras-Anguita, Luis; Del-Pino-Peñas, Carlos Manuel; Garcia-Ortiz, José Hermenegildo (2018-09-03)
      Vortices are an unavoidable effect of flight, which appear behind the wing with a bounded length. The strength of these vortices, which are extremely stable, is due to the lift force [1]. That is the reason why this ...
    • Performance of a Photovoltaic Pumping System 

      Serrano-Casares, Francisco; Cano-Gonzalez, Miguel Angel (2014-10-16)
      Pumping water with solar photovoltaic (PV) is an application of particular interest in isolated systems. This technology has proven over the years to be an effective way to supply drinking water to communities, as well as ...
    • PIV measurements of the effect of pulsed blowing jet on a NACA0012 wing model 

      García Ortiz, José Hermenegildo; Aguilar-Cabello, Jorge; Guzmán Gómez, Alicia; Parras-Anguita, Luis; Del-Pino-Peñas, Carlos Manuel (Congress for the 19th Laser Symposium, 2018-07-16)
      Wingtip vortices are present in taking off, and landing operations and their presence in airport runways must be reduced. To that end, several strategies have been considered in the last decades, being the active control ...
    • Stability analysis of flow structures in hovering using robotic experiments and flow visualizations 

      Marín-Navarro, Alejandro; Aguilar-Cabello, Jorge; Parras-Anguita, Luis; Del-Pino-Peñas, Carlos Manuel (Lisbon Laser Symposium, 2018)
      We investigate the kinematics and stability of hovering flight making use of a robotic experimental device that simulate the movement of insects or birds. We carried out this analysis based on the characterization of ...
    • Structural and numerical identifiability of thermal resistances in plate fin-and-tube heat exchangers using manufacturer catalog data 

      Fernández Hernández, Francisco; Dominguez-Muñoz, Fernando; Rodrigues Ruivo, Celestino; Cejudo-Lopez, Jose Manuel; Carrillo-Andres, Antonio (2018-06)
      Plate fin-and-tube heat exchangers, commonly known as heating/cooling coils, are widely used in HVAC systems to transfer heat to or from air. A problem of practical interest in coil simulation is to identify the thermal ...
    • Study of self-consumption and net metering photovoltaic system 

      Serrano-Casares, Francisco; Mateos, A.; Fernández-Guerrero, J. (2013-10-25)
      In Spain, regulations for Self-Consumption installations have been recently approved. However, regulations for Net Metering installations are still under discussion. The target of this study is to discuss different options ...
    • Theoretical parameters of trailing vortices versus aspect ratio of wing models 

      Aguilar Cabello, Jorge; Jiménez-Rodríguez, Alberto; Parras-Anguita, Luis; Del-Pino-Peñas, Carlos Manuel (2019-07-18)
      We perform 2D-PIV measurements to characterize trailing vortices in NACA0012 wing models for aspect ratios ranging between 1 and 2.5, and for chord-based Reynolds numbers from 7000 to 40000. Firstly, and regarding the ...