• Numerical Implementation of Gradient Algorithms 

      Atencia-Ruiz, Miguel Alejandro; Hernández, Yadira; Joya-Caparrós, Gonzalo; Sandoval, Francisco (Springer, 2013)
      A numerical method for computational implementation of gradient dynamical systems is presented. The method is based upon the development of geometric integration numerical methods, which aim at preserving the dynamical ...
    • Conjugate Points along lightlike geodesics of Lorentzian manifolds 

      Palomo-Ruiz, Francisco Jose (2013-07-29)
      En esta charla se muestran algunas propiedades que relacionan la distribución de los puntos conjugados en las geodésicas luz con propiedades globales tanto geométricas como topológicas de la variedad. Los resultados expuestos ...
    • Estimating radial railway network improvement with a CAS 

      Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio; García-Álvarez, Alberto; Galán-García, José Luis; Mesa, Luis (2013-09-17)
      The Spanish railway network is very complex, with two different track gauges: the broad classic Iberian track gauge and the so called international gauge, the latter used in the extensive high speed network. All new lines ...
    • An Accelerated-Time Simulation for Traffic Flow in a Smart City 

      Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel; Galán-García, José Luis; Campos, José Carlos; Rodríguez, Pedro (2013-09-17)
    • Geometric Numerical Integration of Gradient Systems 

      Hernández, Yadira; Atencia-Ruiz, Miguel Alejandro (2013-11-12)
      We construct and analyse numerical methods that preserve a Lyapunov function of a dynamical system.
    • Odd-dimensional spheres: nabla-Einstein manifolds 

      Draper-Fontanals, Cristina (2014-03-24)
      Utilizamos el teorema de Nomizu sobre conexiones afines invariantes para describir variedades de Riemann-Cartan en las esferas impares, vistas como cocientes de grupos unitarios. Esta técnica nos posibilita hallar para qué ...
    • Numerical Integration of Lattice Systems with a Lyapunov Function 

      Hernández-Solano, Yadira; Atencia-Ruiz, Miguel Alejandro (2014-06-24)
      In this contribution we implement and assess numerical methods for gradient systems, i.e. dynamical systems that possess a Lyapunov function, and consequently are stable. In particular, we claim that discrete gradient ...
    • 2D GPU-based HySEA model for tsunami simulation. Some practical examples. 

      Gonzalez-Vida, Jose Manuel; Castro-Diaz, Manuel Jesus; Macías-Sánchez, Jorge; De la Asunción, Marc; Ortega, Sergio; [et al.] (2014-07-11)
      A two-waves TVD-WAF type scheme for solving 2D shallow-water equation is considered together with a first and second order HLL scheme. Comparison among the different schemes will be performed to check the performance for ...
    • A Genetic Algorithm and an Exact Algorithm for Classifying the Items of a Questionnaire Into Different Competences 

      Galán-García, José Luis; Merino-Cordoba, Salvador; Martinez-del-Castillo, Javier; De Aguilera, Miguel (2014-07-16)
      A Likert scale is a psychometric response scale primarily used in questionnaires to obtain participant's preferences or degree of agreement with a statement or set of statements. Respondents are asked to indicate their ...
    • Simulating Realistic Traffic Flow in a Smart City 

      Galán-García, José Luis; Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel; Galán-García, María Ángeles; Rodriguez-Cielos, Pedro (2014-07-16)
      Dijkstra's algorithm is one of the most well known algorithm to solve the shortest path problem (SPP). When applied to real situations, although the shortest path can be computed with Dijkstra's algorithm, it is not always ...
    • A Portable Knowledge Based System for Car Breakdown Evaluation 

      Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio; Galán-García, José Luis; Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel (2014-07-16)
      Desarrollo de un sistema experto para ayudar a conductores a tomar decisiones en el caso que se encienda alguna luz en el salpicadero.
    • A stepwise Cas course for solving First-Order Partial Diferential Equations 

      Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel; Galán-García, José Luis; Galán-García, María Ángeles; Padilla-Domínguez, Yolanda; Rodriguez-Cielos, Pedro; [et al.] (2014-07-16)
      Partial Differential Equations (PDE) is a very important topic in advance Mathematics for Engineering. The three main first-order PDE problems that a basic course must deal with are: \begin{enumerate} \item {\bf Pfaff ...
    • Advanced techniques to compute improper integrals using a CAS 

      Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel; Galán-García, José Luis; Galán-García, María Ángeles; Padilla-Domínguez, Yolanda; Rodriguez-Cielos, Pedro; [et al.] (2014-07-16)
      Let us consider the following types of improper integrals: $$ \int_0^\infty f(t)\:{\rm d}t \qquad ; \qquad \int_{-\infty}^0 f(t)\:{\rm d}t \qquad {\rm and} \qquad \int_{-\infty}^\infty f(t)\:{\rm d}t $$ \medskip Let ...
    • Metadomotic Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms 

      Merino-Cordoba, Salvador; Martinez-del-Castillo, Javier; Guzman-Navarro, Francisco (2014-07-17)
      New technologies applied in domotic allow us to extract plenty of data about the usual behavior of occupants in any installation. Discipline that works with these data for the pursuit of new knowledge is called Metadomotic. To ...
    • Geometric integration methods of high order for gradient systems 

      Hernández-Solano, Yadira; Atencia-Ruiz, Miguel Alejandro (2014-07-18)
      We propose the higher order extension of numerical methods that preserve the energy-diminishing feature of a system with Lyapunov function.
    • A logic-based approach to compute a direct basis from implications 

      Cordero-Ortega, Pablo; Enciso-García-Oliveros, Manuel; Mora-Bonilla, Angel; Ojeda-Aciego, Manuel; Rodríguez-Lorenzo, Estrella (2014-09-19)
      Formal Concept Analysis is an emergent area in the topic of data analysis based on lattice theory. In this framework, a context is defined as the relation between a set of objects and a set of attributes and from here it ...
    • Graduaciones y álgebras de Lie simples 

      Draper-Fontanals, Cristina (2014-09-22)
      Esta conferencia da una panorámica sobre cómo el concepto de graduación ha ayudado a la comprensión de la estructura en el caso de las álgebras de Lie simples, a la vez que expone el estado actual de la clasificación de ...
    • The direct-optimal basis via reductions 

      Rodríguez-Lorenzo, Estrella; Bertet, Karell; Cordero-Ortega, Pablo; Enciso-García-Oliveros, Manuel; Mora-Bonilla, Angel (2014-10-23)
      Formal Concept Analysis has become a real approach in the trend Information-Knowledge-Wisdom. It turns around the mining of a data set to built a concept lattice which provides an strong structure of the knowledge. ...
    • A generalized framework to consider positive and negative attributes in formal concept analysis 

      Rodríguez Jiménez, Jose Manuel; Cordero-Ortega, Pablo; Enciso-García-Oliveros, Manuel; Mora-Bonilla, Angel (2014-10-23)
      In Formal Concept Analysis the classical formal context is analized taking into account only the positive information, i.e. the presence of a property in an object. Nevertheless, the no presence of a property in an object ...
    • Ordering objects via attribute preferences 

      Cabrera, Inma P.; Ojeda-Aciego, Manuel; Pocs, Jozef (2014-10-29)
      We apply recent results on the construction of suitable orderings for the existence of right adjoint to the analysis of the following problem: given a preference ordering on the set of attributes of a given context, we ...