• 2D GPU-based HySEA model for tsunami simulation. Some practical examples. 

      Gonzalez-Vida, Jose Manuel; Castro-Diaz, Manuel Jesus; Macías-Sánchez, Jorge; De la Asunción, Marc; Ortega, Sergio; [et al.] (2014-07-11)
      A two-waves TVD-WAF type scheme for solving 2D shallow-water equation is considered together with a first and second order HLL scheme. Comparison among the different schemes will be performed to check the performance for ...
    • A Discrete-Time retrial queueing system with service upgrade 

      Fortes, Inmaculada; Sánchez, Sixto; Atencia-McKillop, Ivan (2015-06-10)
      We study the Markov chain underlying the considered queueing system obtaining the gen- erating function of the number of customers in the orbit and in the system as well as the stationary distribution of the time that a ...
    • A discrete-time system with uncertainty information 

      Atencia-McKillop, Ivan; Fortes, Inmaculada; Sánchez, Sixto (2017-02-14)
      This paper considers a discrete-time queueing system with uncertainty information, that is, an arriving customer may opt, with a certain probability, to be served under a Last Come First Served (LCFS) discipline or, with ...
    • A generalized framework to consider positive and negative attributes in formal concept analysis 

      Rodríguez Jiménez, Jose Manuel; Cordero-Ortega, Pablo; Enciso-García-Oliveros, Manuel; Mora, Ángel (2014-10-23)
      In Formal Concept Analysis the classical formal context is analized taking into account only the positive information, i.e. the presence of a property in an object. Nevertheless, the no presence of a property in an object ...
    • A Genetic Algorithm and an Exact Algorithm for Classifying the Items of a Questionnaire Into Different Competences 

      Galán-García, José Luis; Merino, Salvador; Martínez, Javier; De Aguilera, Miguel (2014-07-16)
      A Likert scale is a psychometric response scale primarily used in questionnaires to obtain participant's preferences or degree of agreement with a statement or set of statements. Respondents are asked to indicate their ...
    • A logic-based approach to compute a direct basis from implications 

      Cordero-Ortega, Pablo; Enciso-García-Oliveros, Manuel; Mora, Ángel; Ojeda-Aciego, Manuel; Rodríguez-Lorenzo, Estrella (2014-09-19)
      Formal Concept Analysis is an emergent area in the topic of data analysis based on lattice theory. In this framework, a context is defined as the relation between a set of objects and a set of attributes and from here it ...
    • A Portable Knowledge Based System for Car Breakdown Evaluation 

      Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio; Galán-García, José Luis; Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel (2014-07-16)
      Desarrollo de un sistema experto para ayudar a conductores a tomar decisiones en el caso que se encienda alguna luz en el salpicadero.
    • A stepwise Cas course for solving First-Order Partial Diferential Equations 

      Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel; Galán-García, José Luis; Galán-García, María Ángeles; Padilla-Domínguez, Yolanda; Rodríguez-Cielos, Pedro; [et al.] (2014-07-16)
      Partial Differential Equations (PDE) is a very important topic in advance Mathematics for Engineering. The three main first-order PDE problems that a basic course must deal with are: \begin{enumerate} \item {\bf Pfaff ...
    • Advanced techniques to compute improper integrals using a CAS 

      Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel; Galán-García, José Luis; Galán-García, María Ángeles; Padilla-Domínguez, Yolanda; Rodríguez-Cielos, Pedro; [et al.] (2014-07-16)
      Let us consider the following types of improper integrals: $$ \int_0^\infty f(t)\:{\rm d}t \qquad ; \qquad \int_{-\infty}^0 f(t)\:{\rm d}t \qquad {\rm and} \qquad \int_{-\infty}^\infty f(t)\:{\rm d}t $$ \medskip Let ...
    • An Accelerated-Time Simulation for Traffic Flow in a Smart City 

      Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel; Gálan, José Luis; Campos, José Carlos; Rodríguez, Pedro (2013-09-17)
    • Architecture for Neurological Coordination Tests Implementation 

      Velazquez-Mariño, Michel; Atencia-Ruiz, Miguel Alejandro; García-Bermúdez, Rodolfo; Sandoval, Francisco; Pupo-Ricardo, Daniel (Springer, 2017-06)
      This paper proposes a generic architecture for devising interactive neurological assessment tests, aimed at being implemented on a touchscreen device. The objective is both to provide a set of software primitives that ...
    • Basic Ideals in evolution algebras 

      Cabrera Casado, Yolanda (2019-11-20)
      Recently a new type of genetic algebras, denominated evolution algebras, has emerged to enlighten the study of non-Mendelian genetics, which is the basic language of the molecular Biology. With the aim of finding invariants ...
    • CAISL: Simplification Logic for Conditional Attribute Implications 

      Mora Bonilla, Ángel; Cordero-Ortega, Pablo; Enciso-García-Oliveros, Manuel; Rodríguez-Lorenzo, Estrella; Missaoui, Nokia (2016-07-25)
      In this work, we present a sound and complete axiomatic system for conditional attribute implications (CAIs) in Triadic Concept Analysis (TCA). Our approach is strongly based on the Simplification paradigm which offers a ...
    • CLIL Implementation applied to Mathematics for Engineering 

      Rodriguez-Sanchez, Francisco Joaquin; Yélamos Guerra, María Salomé; Ruiz Rey, Francisco J. (2019-12-20)
      CLIL methodology aims to facilitate the learning of contents in a second language. Authors have tested an experience of implementation in English of these methods in subjects of Mathematics for Engineering at the University ...
    • Cluster Analysis of Finger-to-nose Test for Spinocerebellar Ataxia Assessment 

      Velázquez Mariño, Michel; Atencia-Ruiz, Miguel Alejandro; García Bermúdez, Rodolfo; Pupo-Ricardo, Daniel; Becerra García, Roberto; [et al.] (2015-06-18)
      El test Finger-to-nose test (FNT) es una evaluación neurológica para estudiar la coordinación. Se presenta una metodología de análisis de datos de FNT, que permite evaluar la evolución del estado de enfermos de Ataxia ...
    • Computer Algebra-based RBES personalized menu generator 

      Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio; Galán-García, José Luis; Aguilera-Venegas, Gabriel (2015-07-27)
      People have many constraints concerning the food they eat. These constraints can be based on religious believes, be due to food allergies or to illnesses, or can be derived just from personal preferences. Therefore, ...
    • Conjugate Points along lightlike geodesics of Lorentzian manifolds 

      Palomo, Francisco J. (2013-07-29)
      En esta charla se muestran algunas propiedades que relacionan la distribución de los puntos conjugados en las geodésicas luz con propiedades globales tanto geométricas como topológicas de la variedad. Los resultados expuestos ...
    • Data-driven distributionally robust optimization with Wasserstein metric, moment conditions and robust constraints 

      Esteban-Pérez, Adrián; Morales, Juan Miguel (2018-07-12)
      We consider optimization problems where the information on the uncertain parameters reduces to a finite data sample. Using the Wasserstein metric, a ball in the space of probability distributions centered at the empirical ...
    • Dynamic clustering of time series with Echo State Networks 

      Atencia-Ruiz, Miguel Alejandro; Stoean, Catalin; Stoean, Ruxandra; Rodriguez Labrada, Roberto; Joya-Caparrós, Gonzalo (2019-06-05)
      In this paper we introduce a novel methodology for unsupervised analysis of time series, based upon the iterative implementation of a clustering algorithm embedded into the evolution of a recurrent Echo State Network. The ...
    • Einstein connections on Lorentzian spheres 

      Draper-Fontanals, Cristina (2020-03-05)
      A comparison between Riemannian and Lorentzian spheres as regards the existence of Einstein connections with skew-torsion