• Femtosecond laser ablation: as fun as it gets 

      Vadillo-Perez, Jose Miguel; Carrasco, Irene; Manzoor, Sadia; Laserna-Vázquez, José Javier (2019-09-20)
      The talk will provide an overview of differentexperiments performed on solid samples under femtosecond irradiation (800-nm, 35-fs) above the plasma formation threshold.
    • Fs-Time Resolved Microscopy as a tool for monitoring laser-matter interaction 

      Carrasco, Irene Maria (2015-09-03)
      Femtosecond laser pulses provides the advantage in comparison with longer pulses that there is no interaction between laser and plasma. Moreover, the applied energy is deposited in much less time than nanosecond pulses, ...