• Integration of the Alexa assistant as a voice interface for robotics platforms 

      Hidalgo-Paniagua, Alejandro; Millán-Alcaide, Andrés; Bandera-Rubio, Juan Pedro; Bandera-Rubio, Antonio Jesus (2019-10-03)
      Virtual assistants such as Cortana or Google Assistant are becoming familiar devices in everyday environments, where they are used to control real devices through natural language. This paper extends this application ...
    • Multi-feature Bottom-up Processing and Top-down Selection for an Object-based Visual Attention Model 

      Palomino, Antonio Jesús; Marfil, Rebeca; Bandera-Rubio, Juan Pedro; Bandera-Rubio, Antonio Jesus (Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Málaga, 2013-08-30)
      Artificial vision systems can not process all the information that they receive from the world in real time because it is highly expensive and inefficient in terms of computational cost. However, inspired by biological ...
    • RoboARCH: An autonomous robot for analysis and documentation of historical architectures 

      Bandera-Rubio, Juan Pedro; Bandera-Rubio, Antonio Jesus; López-Chamizo, Sonia; Cumpián, Alberto; Sánchez, Pedro J. (2013-12-13)
      The Mediterranean basin has an impressive amount of millenarian urban structures which have been modelled along centuries. Unfortunately, they are sometimes damaged due to both the passage of time as well as bad preservation ...
    • Testing a fully autonomous robotic salesman in real scenarios 

      Romero-Garcés, Adrián; Calderita, Luis Vicente; Martínez-Gómez, Jesús; Bandera-Rubio, Juan Pedro; Marfil, Rebeca; [et al.] (2015-05-12)
      Over the past decades, the number of robots deployed in museums, trade shows and exhibitions have grown steadily. This new application domain has become a key research topic in the robotics community. Therefore, new robots ...
    • The cognitive architecture of a robotic salesman 

      Romero-Garcés, Adrián; Calderita, Luis Vicente; Martínez-Gómez, Jesús; Bandera-Rubio, Juan Pedro; Marfil, Rebeca; [et al.] (2015-12-04)
      This paper describes a robotics cognitive architecture for social robots named CORTEX. This architecture integrates di fferent levels of abstraction (from basic geometry to high-level predicates) into a unique Deep Space ...
    • Toward Social Cognition in Robotics: Extracting and Internalizing Meaning from Perception 

      Martínez-Gómez, Jesús; Marfil, Rebeca; Calderita, Luis Vicente; Bandera-Rubio, Juan Pedro; Manso, Luis J.; [et al.] (2014-07-01)
      En esta ponencia se analiza el mecanismo de interiorización de la información referente a personas y la interacción con las mismas implementado para el robot Gualzru.
    • Towards Active Image Segmentation: the Foveal Bounded Irregular Pyramid 

      Marfil, Rebeca; Antúnez, Esther; Arrebola, Fabián; Bandera-Rubio, Antonio Jesus (2013-10-10)
      It is well established that the units of attention on human vision are not merely spatial but closely related to perceptual objects. This implies a strong relationship between segmentation and attention processes. This ...
    • Towards the development of cognitive robotics 

      Bandera-Rubio, Antonio Jesus; Bustos, Pablo (2013-09-18)
      Esta charla describe una propuesta de arquitectura cognitiva para el desarrollo de robots que sean capaces de anticipar el resultado de sus acciones y, por tanto, desarrollar su actividad en un entorno compartido con ...