• Significance of the Scream: Otherness in Postcolonial and Gothic Fiction 

      Khair, Tabish (2014-09-23)
      Starting with an examination of some of the gothic tropes used to narrate India in colonial literature (fiction and non-fiction), this paper will look at some highly visible postcolonial narratives of/about India and compare ...
    • That-clauses: Retention and Omission of Complementizer that in some Varieties of English 

      Calle-Martin, Javier; Romero-Barranco, Jesús (2017-10-02)
      An OBJECT CLAUSE, also sporadically referred to as a COMMENT CLAUSE (Warner 1982: 169; Huddleston & Pullum 2002: 951), is that kind of clause functioning as the direct object of the matrix verb. In English, the most common ...
    • The Black Sexual Body as Palimpsest 

      Castro-Borrego, Silvia Pilar (2016-10-11)
      Análisis de las politicas sexuales a las que se sometía el cuerpo de la mujer negra en las colonias Norteamericanas del siglo 19
    • The expression of sentiment in user reviews of hotels 

      Moreno-Ortiz, Antonio Jesus; Fuster-Márquez, Miguel (2017-06-09)
      The linguistic expression of sentiment, understood as the polarity of an opinion, is known to be domain-specific to a certain extent (Aue & Gamon, 2005; Choi et al., 2009). Even though many words and expressions convey the ...
    • The Public Place of the (Neo-)Victorians 

      Llewellyn, Mark (2017-10-16)
      The Victorians are everywhere. Neo-Victorian adaptations of their writings, lives and culture are all around us in the contemporary marketplace. (Neo)Victorianism sells in its most popular forms, from blockbuster films, ...
    • The somatechnics of enfreakment: literary articulations of the body 

      Pettersson, Lin Elinor (2015-04-22)
      Lately, the Victorian freak show has attracted scholarly and literary attention alike. New critical approaches to the freak show set the European exhibition of human corporeal deviance apart from the American side show as ...
    • The Visible and the Invisible Hilary Mantel 

      Pollard, Eileen J. (2016-07-25)
      This talk addresses the scarcity of critical material on Hilary Mantel’s writing in the academy. It questions the suitability of the ‘origin’ paradigm within the criticism that is available, which closes off the excess of ...
    • El uso del aprendizaje basado en juegos como medio de motivación en las aulas del SESO IES Dunas de las Chapas 

      Yélamos Guerra, María Salomé (2021-10-06)
      Con los recientes cambios en el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje experimentados en las últimas décadas, los profesores del s. XXI deben adaptarse a una nueva realidad docente. La motivación del alumnado es crucial para ...
    • Words and their many meanings 

      Paradis, Carita (2014-11-28)
      Words and their many meanings Professor Carita Paradis (University of Lund, Sweden) Words are very slippery customers. This is both good and bad for human communication – good if we want to be creative, flexible or ...
    • "Writing and Developing Research Proposals: MA Theses and PhD Dissertations" 

      Tuero, Susana (2014-04-30)
      Designing research proposals, writing MA Theses, and Doctoral Dissertations are task that are closely related to the development of research competencies, thinking and planning abilities, and writing skills. The purpose ...